“On October 12th few years ago, I took my first sniff of this aerosphere. Dumbfounded by it, I haven’t said a word until I was two years old (that’s what my mother said). I never knew that earth already had a ‘hell’, until I entered schooling. Thank god for friends and CCA for being the saviours.

Being an indolent, I haven’t actually stepped out of the small world that surrounded me, until I realized that the real world is much vast and diverse. That very moment, science fascinated me. I realized that I wasn’t serious about anything until then. Who said we can’t be doing nothing? I have been doing nothing for the last 20 years. And trust me it’s really possible.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am Veda samhitha (Veda-knowledge, Samhitha-wholesome) it’s cool right? Thanks to my mom and dad. And those of you who know me, well whatever you know about me is not even one fourth of a cent. Trust me on this. Now I don’t say that this place isn’t ‘about me’. It’s a track through my thoughts and my work.
Welcome! – To the ride right through the field of science and spirituality.

Trust me these two controversial fields go hand in hand.”