The Mystical land

The most sacred place for Hindus where each and every stone, monument, leaf and sculpture will take one, centuries behind to explain its significance. Many of you might’ve visited this sanctified land at least once! But you wouldn’t have explored the place thoroughly, as in, the mysteries hidden beneath the aura of this land.

Here are few fascinating as well as haunting phenomenons about this mystical land :

1)To the left side of the Mahadwaram, there is a Crowbar by which Ananthatalvar had hit Lord Balaji on his chin during Balaji’s childhood which lead to a sight of oozing blood. This is the reason behind applying Sandalwood to his chin till the present

2)It is believed that the idol has original hair behind it and it never gets tangled.

3)22 kilometers away from Tirumala exists a village where no one except for the people belonging to that village are allowed to wander. The women over there have a tradition of not wearing a blouse(as ancient stories are said). The flowers, milk, ghee, butter and all other items used for worshipping Lord Venkateswara in the temple are brought from the same village.

4)The statue is said to be placed at the centre of the sanctum but when observed carefully from outside has been proved to be slightly to the right corner of the sanctum. And no, it’s not due the parallax error. 😉


5)The idol is decorated with a Dhoti at the bottom and is draped with a Saree on the top. There’s a special Darshan available for couples which costs around 50K and the couple will be given the Dhoti and Saree with which the idol would be decorated on that particular day.

6)The flowers used in worship are never brought out of the sanctum manually. They’re left freely into the waterfall that is believed to exist right behind the idol. They’re left through a small hole in the wall behind the idol.

7)If you place your ear on the spinal cord of the idol, you’ll hear a sound that you usually get to hear close to the oceans. And it’s said that there’s always a little moisture left on the spinal cord (Back) no matter how many times one cleans it!

8)The image of goddess Lakshmi is imprinted on the chest of the idol. Every Thursday, during “Nijarupa Darshanam” the idol is decorated with Sandalwood and these Sandalwood imprints of goddess Lakshmi are kept for sale.


9)The oil lamps situated in front of the idol are never ever put off manually or under natural circumstances and they’re believed to be giving in light since thousands of years together!

10)The items that are dissipated into the waterfall behind the idol, again emerge at yerpadu a place 20 kilometers away from Tirumala and close to Kalahasti.

11)During the 1800s the temple was closed for 12 years by a King who was reigning in that particular period due to some people performing unsacred things in the temple. For which, the king punished them by killing them and hanging them to the walls of the temple.That is the time when “Vimana Venkateswara” is said to have come to existence.

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As I promised in the introduction, I’ve tried to keep it as fascinating as possible. Hope it reached everyone’s expectations.

Keep watching this space for more!


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