Gloomy, drizzling day. Deep forest; a structure moving at the edge of my eyes. Moving towards me, closer with each blink.

The growing proximity made me breathe heavy. At blink then, straight in front of me; our eyes met each other. It had ferocious,wide,red eyes with clear deep red pupil in the middle of magnetica iris. Uneven,rough,wrinkled skin,close to mine.Close enough that I could feel the texture of the skin. A smirk revealed its bizarre teeth.

“Mom!” an involuntary outcry. I closed my eyes as the monstrous structure held me.  

I opened my eyes to a sight where I lay in my bed with everything perfectly arranged; back at my room. Everything in its place as it should be, the T.V beside the window,the huge chocolate brown teddy and other soft toys placed on the book rack, the casio,the guitar,everything.

“Ugh. The start couldn’t get more scary. A nightmare?! I wish the rest of the day showers some pity on me.” convincing self.

“Get ready, Samhitha! You need to reach the venue on time.” said Mom.

“What am I supposed to do on attending the wedding, Mom? Moreover, I don’t even know anyone there, none at all. I’ll die of boredom, ma.” I shrugged.

“Attend it dear, you’ll get to know our relatives, I would have come if I could. I promise this would be the first and last time I am asking you to attend on my behalf…” lapse of words I have been hearing each time I complain.

“Well, on one condition mom, NO SAREE.”

“Okay!” she said, with no inflection.

I reached the venue and walked in with a feeling of displeasure. Okay, I understand someone is going to get married and are under the impression that they are going to live happily forever. (which is a myth :P) Why should someone be forced to witness so much of fakeness grouped together?

A room full of unfamiliar faces including the to-be-couple. Me carrying a fake smile trying not to be noticed by anyone; to avoid awkward conversations.

Amongst all the unfamiliar faces was that one alluring face! Charming, smart, gleaming eyes with a smile.

The gait that was swag.

Sparkling eyes which at instance,sparked mine. Such an allure in such a tedious place.

I walked towards him, held his hand and said “ I don’t know what people call you, But from now on, I am going to call you Prince. ”

He gave a smirk looked into my eyes and stepped forward.

“Would you come for a drive with me?” He asked.

“My pleasure” I said.

He took something out of his pocket.It was a toy car. Yes, a toy car. And yes, the alluring person I was talking about was a kid whose smile felt genuine and adorable among all the unfamiliar faces.He put it on the floor and said come let’s go.All the boredom at once vanished and I could manage to pass the time in a boring wedding.

A day in my life went, driving in the jam packed traffic and then the wedding and again the jam packed traffic on way back home.

Life sprawls, just like I found the warm smile amidst the swarm. 😉

                                                  A DAY IN MY LIFE

                                                    -Let life unfold.



October 27, 2015 at 3:50 pm

Awseome n fantastic work u r unique keep gng on this work

Prem Sukumar
October 27, 2015 at 6:48 pm

<3 <3 <3

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