Mahabharata- The cyber-punk style

An interesting new take on the ancient Indian Epic – Scottish playwright, Grant Morrison’s 18 Days is a spirited rendering  of the final climactic confrontation in the Mahabharata. It is presented in a graphic format with illustrations by Mukesh Singh.

Here’s some of the artwork from 18 Days created by Mukesh Singh, an illustrator and Sir J.J. School of Arts alumni.

18 Days cover


Karna Sketch


Battle Pandavas

Battle Kauravas

Karna vs Ghatotkach


Bheem Juggernaut

Duryodhan Response

Convincing the Hero

Arjun Invokes War-Goddess

Karna Refuses

Pitamaha Blesses

Abhimanyu Slaughter

Battle Krishna


Duryodhan Warmonger

Pandava Conch


Kaurav Blitzkreig

The Hero Convinced

You can check out more of these here . (Thanks to uploader RonDune )

And most importantly, I thank illustrator Mukesh Singh for this wonderful illustration.You can check out some of this other work on and his Facebook page – Mukesh Singh Art .

Thanks to Scoopwoop for being my source.



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