Canvas – Tides of relic

The artist describing the painting with a deep dark blue essence of tides and the dark sky.

In the sky appeared an eye shaped moon, with a drop of red falling into the sea. 


Curves of black on pure white, with great panache.

The journey of two souls started with of the winsome tussles.

The waves of bliss sometimes, yet glooming breeze passing by each split second.


These two souls of the couple never ported their faith.

Leaving their unique fragrance in each place they passed by, all their talks, all the parties, all the night drives, drinks that counted on each other.

Everything fell apart at once. Just in a span of months.


Those nightmares re-entered the girl’s life.

Those nights where the pillow silently soaked all the tiny drops into space.

Those sleepless nights.

It was not the pain that mattered.

It’s the circumstances and the rationale behind the pain.

Yet, the girl’s gut feeling, heart feeling and what not says that whatever people are gossiping is not true.

The trust.

The bond.

The love.

Never disappears. Never.

This was the end of the long bought trust. As described by the artist!


August 11, 2016


November 27, 2016