Do you ever conceptualise your surroundings,to being the world?

Predominantly ninety percent of the young generation lives with this conjecture, which appears to be authentic.

Until this moment of my life, I have speculated that people around us are only meant to mean good to us. I am sure, most of you out there went through a phase of life, where the trust that you have on your ‘mate-like people’ melts.

Sometimes people notion of being in your life will remain in any way possible, if not the way you desired.

Sometimes the world that you had assumed  to be yours, sadly wasn’t.

Life teachings, Memories, Understanding people is much more important than the bookish knowledge and college GPAs.

Because, A year after you leave college, no one will care what your GPA was.

At all stages of life, people will gladly offer you unsolicited lists of things you “must” do, be, or have. Most of the time you can nod your head, walk away, and ignore them.

You don’t have to live your life the way other people expect you to.

We fool ourselves into believing that our surrounding radius is the world.

Stepping out of their comfort zone will lead individuals to the higher perspective.

Once an individual starts being independent and is thrown stones of life right at the face, the real face of people will be seen.

An indispensable step in life is to explore the world and the people. Otherwise, you would remain within the circle of minute options which in other person’s view are right but your mind wouldn’t be at peace with it.

Don’t let your life remain with a limited number of possibilities and allow people with blinkers say what is the right thing to do and list out myriad things that could go wrong.

Because what is wrong to you, and what is wrong to the world will change ,when the world around you changes. The world around you is changing all the time, allow the change to happen and open your minds to the change. When this happens you allow possibilities and opportunities to flow your way.

An eminent entrepreneur once said, “ Increase your organic curiosity, without depending on what the society cues into you”.

Drive your natural interest, that is the most peculiar identity one will have as an individual.

If you love to travel, travel more.

If you love to read, read more.

If you love bikes, explore the world of bikes more.

If you love to love, love more.

If you love science, experiment more.

Do anything that interests you until you get a clarity about what you are doing with your life.

It doesn’t matter let the world think you are fickle minded or moody or whatever. Because you are the one leading your life and you will be responsible for whatever happens with your life. The ultimate goal is to love what you do.

Don’t ask why. No need to explain anybody about what interests you. Never let go your flair of being curious and explore every possibility of life. Because you never know which road takes you where!

Prioritise life over everything else.

Very similar to Steve jobs saying “Join the dots.”

The trail to search for the long-lost happiness and passion I held within myself, almost seemed like a never ending one. I’d heard all that a person wanting to walk on the road less travelled would hear. I wasn’t prepared for it all, I still managed to fight through it. I didn’t win, I was put on a path that probably wasn’t something I was meant for or at least I felt I wasn’t meant for. I didn’t know how the days went on. What I knew, was that I was surviving just as everyone else. I wasn’t living. It all seemed normal and perfect until I heard the voices that matter to me saying that’s not what I am meant for and all hell broke loose. I still don’t know what matters, what doesn’t, what’s meant to be and what isn’t. All that I know is to struggle. To struggle and get through the storms to face better things in life. To put up a facade and know how important it is to learn to put up a facade is what my journey has managed to teach me. The road less travelled would surely be the road I’d walk on someday, be it in any form of existence.

“Mai kya chahti hun,” will always be a question with no appropriate answer for ages to come. ‘Cause love, let me tell you a secret, you’re never going to know what you truly wish for until you actually start experiencing it. You only ‘discern’ what you want. You don’t ‘search’ what you want.

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