Mahabharata- Profound Sci-Fi (2)

Medicinal Science in Mahabharata:

In the times of Mahabharata and later, Medical science had been extremely all around rehearsed as a calling. An examination of the materials in the Vedas uncovers that, all the four Vedas gives the references with respect to different parts of solution. The Atharva Veda is regarded to be a reference book for solution. The present day Archeological confirmations of Mohenjo-daro and Harappa grants the high human advancement in matters of sanitation and cleanliness. Archeological proofs have demonstrated that there were all around arranged settlements of Harappa itself and extraordinary territories concluded to be healing facility or treatment structures. These make us surmise that there was a sorted out arrangement of medicinal practice carried on from the soonest times. The “charaka samhita” is an early Ayurvedic content on inward pharmaceutical gives volumes of data on herbs and nursing. The “Sushrutha Samhitha” (after Mahbharata 1000 BC to 600 BC) demonstrates the significance of “Sushruta” known by the title “Father of Surgery.” portrays 300 surgical methodology, 120 surgical instruments and arranges human surgery in eight classes.


Antiquated India had incredible doctors and specialists whom are significantly more progressed in their calling. For example what number of will trust the way that Sushruta who was known as “father of surgery” did Cataract surgery ? He utilized an extraordinary device called the “jabamukhi salaka”, a vended needle, which was utilized to slacken the impeding mucus and push it out of the field of vision. In the Mahabharata, specialists and surgery assumed an imperative part in war and life. There are different occurrences in which the part of specialists were specified.



Sanjaya continued,–“Then there came unto him some surgeons well trained (in their science) and skilled in plucking out arrows, with all becoming appliances (of their profession). Beholding them, the son of Ganga said unto thy son,–‘Let these physicians, after proper respect being paid to them, be dismissed with presents of wealth. Brought to such a plight, what need have I now of physicians? I have won the most laudable and  the highest state ordained in Kshatriya observances! Ye kings, lying as do on a bed of arrows, it is not proper for me to submit now to the treatment of physicians.


And Kunti’s son, king Yudhishthira, amongst them marched, taking with him the cars and other vehicles for transport, the food-stores and fodder, the tents, carriages, and draught-cattle, the cash-chests, the machines and weapons, the surgeons and physicians, the invalids, and all the emaciated and weak soldiers, and all the attendants and camp-followers.


And there were assembled hundreds upon hundreds of skilled mechanics, in receipt of regular wages and surgeons and physicians, well-versed in their own science, and furnished with every ingredient they might need.


A wounded opponent should either be sent to his own home, or, if brought to the victor’s quarters, should have his wounds attended to by skilful surgeons. When in consequence of a quarrel between righteous kings, a righteous warrior falls into distress, (his wounds should be attended to and) when cured he should be set at liberty.


Abhimanyu, A warrior in the womb

In Mahabharatha, when Subhadra was pregnant, Arjun advised her the mystery of entering the chakravyuh. When he was clarifying the way out method, Subhadra nodded off. Consequently Abhimanyu took in the passageway technique while he was in Subhadra’s womb and he never had the opportunity to take in the way out methodology.

In the past individuals reprimanded this idea of a youngster gaining from the womb of a mother. In any case, further investigative improvements have made things clear and present day science says that it is all that much conceivable.

In his book “Right Brain Education in Infancy” by Dr. Makoto Shichida, widely acclaimed originator of more than 350 Child Academies in Japan says, the right mind is dynamic amid growth. Moreover, the imaging right cerebrum is the inside for additional tactile discernment, or ESP.


He encourage includes cells are touchy and can transmit inconspicuous vitality examples to the mind, a youngster has additional tangible recognition in the womb. The unborn child utilizes the cells of his creating body to pick up data from his general surroundings, which is transmitted to his right cerebrum side of the equator.

Unless there is obstruction, the right cerebrum half of the globe is fit for putting additional tactile impacts on the screen of the psyche, which is the way it got the name picture mind. Youthful youngsters are profoundly responsive with regards to additional tactile impressions in light of the fact that the left cerebrum is not predominant in kids up until the age of six or seven.

Dr. Shichida found that youthful kids can be effectively prepared in ESP and that children in the womb have ESP. He trusts this is on the grounds that the fetal right mind half of the globe is dynamic while the left cerebrum side of the equator is lethargic.

Source [ Right mind Education ]

The presence of Bacteria and Viruses:

The presence of microscopic organisms and infections are clarified in the accompanying content from the Mahabharata Santi Parva Section XV

It advocates the Darwin’s hypothesis “Survival of the fittest”Arjun said: “I don’t observe the animal in this world that’s backing existence without doing any demonstration of harm to others. Creatures live upon creatures, the more grounded upon the weaker. The mongooose eats up mice; the feline eats up the mongoose; the puppy eats up the feline; the pooch is again eaten up by the spotted panther. Observe all things again are eaten up by the Destroyer when he comes.This portable and fixed universe is sustenance for living animals. This has been appointed by the divine beings. The very monkish life can’t bolster their lives without murdering animals. In water, on earth, and organic products, there are endless animals. It is not genuine that one does not butcher them. What higher obligation is there than supporting one’s life? There are numerous animals that are minute to the point that their presence must be derived. With the falling of the eyelids alone, they are crushed”

Cloning, Embryo advancement and Artificial Fertilization:

In the event that you had perused the Mahabharata a hundred years back, you would have thought every one of those best in class restorative depictions ought to be “divine” nor “crap”. Presently in this 21st century, we can see them to some degree with suspicion because of the improvement in science. In this manner more we progress in science we could see the progressed logical ideas of Mahabharata better.

The investigation of cloning was surely understood and working on amid the Mahabharatha times. Mr. B.G. Matapurkar a specialist with the Maulana Azad Medical school in New Delhi told a gathering on undifferentiated organism investigate that the Kauravas “were results of innovation that present day science has not in any case grew yet”. The meeting was sorted out by the southern part of the All India Biotech Association. Mr Matapurkar, who holds a US patent on organ recovery procedure that he created 10 years back, said that he was excited when he unearthed a verse in Mahabharatha under the section Adiparva that really depicts how the Kauravas were made from a solitary developing life from Gandhari. He said that as per the portrayal in Mahabharatha, the Kauravas were made by part the single incipient organism into 100 sections and developing every part in a different compartment. At the end of the day, Matapurkar said, “they not just thought about unnaturally conceived children and incipient organism part additionally had the innovation to develop human embryos outside the assemblage of lady, something that is not known not science”

Aside from the above there is likewise specify of an incipient organism, considered in one womb, being exchanged to the womb of another lady from where it is conceived. The exchanged fetus is Balarama and this is the way he is a sibling to Krishna despite the fact that he was destined to Rohini and not to Devaki.

On account of Kunti chanting so as to imagine manthras through yogic trans, there is preparation (the procedure including a sperm intertwining with an ovum) yet without physical Intercourse. Might be the manthra acting like a secret key summons the object of Meditation (Indra, Vayu Etc) to transmit its chromosomes to the meditator (utilizing her natural location). An extremely propelled type of Artificial Fertilization.

Propelled Plastic Surgery or an Alien Bio shield:

Karna the child of Surya (sun god) is conceived with a shield that shields him from weapons. This might be an Avatar by that specific Alien by adjusting his own particular DNA bio-actually to win his enemy. It might be an organic shield like Exoskeleton found in tortoise however unfathomably solid. Not at all like fake Exoskeleton utilized by people, Karna’s Kavach was mixed with his body.



Propelled Vision:

Current science obviously expresses the confinement of our human eye. The eye has restricted size and along these lines constrained light-assembling power. Opthamologist say that the human eye has constrained recurrence reaction and it can just see electromagnetic radiation in the obvious wavelengths. So what we see is not what exists but rather what we will be able to see. That is the reason ruler Krishna gave unique visionary forces (divine eyes) to Arjuna to have a look at his “Vishwaroopa” (uncovering his vast body).

Advanced science empowers refractive laser eye surgery, performed by ophthalmologists for rectifying astigmatism, hypertrophy and so on. Laser vitality was presented in refractive surgeries found by Rangaswamy Srinivasan. Srinivasan working at IBM Research Lab found that a bright Excimer laser could carve living tissue in an exact way with no warm harm to the encompassing region. Here Laser vitality is connected to the eye for reshaping, and the fold is supplanted to serve as a kind of regular gauze for speedier recuperating. For Arjun’s situation too ruler Krishna may have utilized a propelled method of laser such as vitality to empower Arjun’s eye to picture compelling frequencies.

Constant change of particles in the body:

It would be ideal if you Note, the constant change of particles in the body was surely understood to the sages much sooner. In the present day world it was demonstrated that William Harvey (1578 – 1657) found the flow of the blood.

Mahabharatha gives clear brood over the above. “The constituent components of the body, which serve differing capacities in the general economy, experience change each minute in each animal. Those progressions, in any case, are minute to the point that they can’t be taken note. The conception of particles, and their demise, in each progressive condition, can’t be stamped, O ruler, even as one can’t check the adjustments in the fire of a smoldering light. At the point when such is the condition of the collections of all animals, – that is the point at which that which is known as the body is changing unending, even like the fast movement of a steed of good guts who then has come whence or not whence, or whose is it or whose is it not or whence does it not emerge? What association does there exist in the middle of animals and their own particular bodies?”

Geographical evidences and Astronomical evidences (which you can find here) also provide intense information.

Gravitational waves

February 11, 2016