Mahabharata-Profound Sci-Fi (4)

Antiquated Weapons of Mass Destruction and The Mahabharata:


  1. वासवी शक्ति (Vasavi Shakti)

Indra’s weapon that was credited for a one-time use to Karna. Beyond any doubt to slaughter the objective, regardless/who it might be. Karna protected it to utilize it against Arjuna yet was constrained by some shrewd strategic moves to utilize it against Ghatotkacha.

A standout amongst the most effective weapons that show up in the epic, and one of only a handful few that truly undermine Arjuna.


  1. वज्र (Vajra) {Thunderbolt}

Indra’s almighty weapon – arranged out of the spine of Sage Dadhichi and used to execute the evil presence Vritra. Superlatively effective to such an extent that the majority of the weapons are celebrated utilizing this as the descriptive word.

So intense that, in the Gita, Lord Krishna guarantees that amongst weapons, he is Vajra.

āyudhānām ahaḿ vajraḿ

dhenūnām asmi kāmadhuk

prajanaś cāsmi kandarpaḥ

sarpāṇām asmi vāsukiḥ

Meaning: Among weapons, I am Vajra; among dairy animals, I am Kamadhenu; I am the ancestor Cupid and among snakes, I am Vasuki, the lord of sarpas.Thought to be the incomparable amongst weapons, indestructible. Yet it is at #9 in our commencement (no offense, Indra!).

  1. नारायणास्त्र (Narayanastra)

Ruler Narayana’s weapon that was accounted for to part into a great many self controlling rockets, with force of effect specifically being relative to resistance advertised. The main known shield was demobilization and complete surrender. Information of this astra was had just by Drona, his child and Krishna. Utilized by Ashwattama against the Pandava armed forces, however impact was obstructed by Krishna who knew the said trap. Envision the mistake of Duryodhana.

Starting here on, the rankings are useless. It is similar to positioning the 1000000 KT and 2000000 KT nukes. Any utilization was going to bring about end of life on Earth.



  1. ब्रम्हास्त्र (Brahmastra)

Thought to be the preeminent weapon that can be controlled. Very uncommon. Controlled by numerous individuals and utilized by only one individual as a part of the epic (See #4). Impacts like atomic aftermath – ranges get to be fruitless, individuals endure, impact proliferates crosswise over eras. Use confined against mortals. Karna anticipated utilizing it against Arjuna, however because of a few reasons (his mom’s demand, his educator’s condemnation) couldn’t do as such.

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  1. ब्रम्हशिरा (Bhrahmashira)

Close relative of the Brahmastra. Used by Ashwattama against the Pandavas and by Arjuna in self preservation.. Atomic aftermath contained by mediation of Sages Narada and Vyasa, where Arjuna withdrew his weapon as requested, yet Ashwatthama, not able to do as such, rather sends it to assault Arjuna’s unborn grandson, Parikshit, who is along these lines spared by Krishna.



  1. पाशुपतास्त्र (Pashupatastra)

Indestructible and overpowering weapon of Lord Shiva that contains the ability to devastate all manifestations. Use precluded against mortals. Controlled by Arjuna who got it straightforwardly from Shiva. Never utilized as a part of the epic.


  1. ब्रम्‍हदंड (Bhramhadanda)

Keep in mind how I specified (in #7) that only one individual really utilized it. That individual was King Kaushika (later known as Sage Vishvamitra) in a contention against Sage Vashishta, and had it gulped by Bhramhadanda. Discuss atomic shields!


  1. सुदर्शन चक्र (Sudarshana Chakra)

As effective as it can get. This is Lord Vishnu’s weapon that was utilized by Krishna to murder Sisupala at Yudhistira’s Rajasuya Yagna.

Indeed, that most likely abandons us with

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  1. त्रिशूल (Trishula)

Talking about decimation, what can be more intense than the most capable weapon of the very God of demolition amongst the trinity – Lord Shiva? This trident was utilized to disjoin the first head of Ganesha – the remover of impediments. That’s all anyone needs to know.

In the event that you have come as such, you may be pondering what could be all the more capable. All things considered, IMHO, there still is.

Keep in mind how every one of the weapons above are implied for decimating foes that are out there (at any rate externally). The vast majority of them were very effective as well. In any case, sadly, the most considerable foes of a man are regularly not physical elements that can be blown to bits. They are frequently tricky ones as sense articles – desire, outrage, avarices and so on and they are regularly the fixing of the most effective of warriors, even in the epic.


  1. बुध्दिः (Loosely, the psyche/insight/cognizance)

You don’t need to take my oath for this.

From Krishna’s announcement in the Bhagvad Gita:

indriyāṇi parāṇy āhur

indriyebhyaḥ paraḿ manaḥ

manasas tu parā buddhir

yo buddheḥ paratas tu saḥ

Meaning: The working faculties are better than dull matter; personality is higher than the faculties; insight is still higher than the psyche; and he [the soul] is considerably higher than the knowledge. (3.42)

Taking after which he goes ahead to guarantee:

evaḿ buddheḥ paraḿ buddhvā

saḿstabhyātmānam ātmanā

jahi śatruḿ mahā-bāho

kāma-rūpaḿ durāsadam

Meaning: Along these lines knowing oneself to be supernatural to the material detects, psyche and knowledge, O powerful equipped Arjuna, one ought to consistent the brain by purposeful profound insight and consequently — by otherworldly quality — overcome this unquenchable foe known as desire.

There is undoubtedly the individual who had and utilized this the most as a part of the war is none other than Krishna (even while staying faithful to his obligation of not remaining battle ready).


I can’t assume any acknowledgment for this redesign as there are others (eg. Raghu Bhaskaran) who have as of now recommended in remarks underneath. I trust that there is one other weapon that is way route more grounded than all the above recorded ones. It’s ways are unpretentious. Way prompting it is extreme. It’s energy is said to move everything. It was the force that constrained the ruler of the Universe to break his statement. In face it is the wellspring of force for the various weapons above. Furthermore, am certain you’d know it:

धर्म (Dharma)

The Pandavas were amazing legends. They had the crude quality of Bheema, the valor and top notch ability of Arjuna and the excellence and brains of the Aswini putras( also the liberality of Karna). Why, they had the consistent guide, backing and direction of the Lord himself. Any of them could have been suitable to manage the world in their own particular right. Yet, they all attempted to build up the matchless quality and power of Dharmaputra, who remained for Dharma.

Note that there were numerous different warriors on the other side who were more experienced, gifted, effective, and would do well to weapons. Yet they fell, for the weapon of Dharma was wielded by the Pandavas and Krishna.

As is said:

धर्मो रक्षति रक्षित: ।

World’s First Atomic Bomb:

Mr.Oppenheimer, who was the draftsman of cutting edge nuclear bomb and responsible for the manhattan task was asked by an understudy after the manhattan blast, “How would you feel subsequent to having blasted the primary nuclear bomb on earth”. Oppenheimer’s answer for the inquiry was , “not first nuclear bomb, but rather first nuclear bomb in advanced times”. He emphatically trusted that nukes were utilized as a part of antiquated india. Ref [ strange universe ]

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By what means can one clarify the passing of 1.6 billion individuals in 18 days!!! Its difficult to process the way that present world populace is 6 billions!! Mahabharatha war was certainly a world war as barrier powers from kingdoms over the world were included. Be that as it may, what made Mr. Oppenheimer trust that it was an atomic war was the precise depictions of the weapons utilized as a part of the Mahabharatha war in the epic which coordinate with that of cutting edge atomic weapons. Additionally, unearthings of Mohen Jo Daro in North India uncovered towns which had been totally pulverized out of the blue!! There were no hints of common debacles or wars! Researchers Davneport and Vincenti set forward a hypothesis saying the vestiges were of an atomic impact as they discovered huge stratums of mud and green glass. High temperature liquefied mud and sand and they solidified quickly a while later. Comparable stratums of green glass can likewise found in Nevada deserts after each atomic blast. At the point when unearthings of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro achieved the road level, they found skeletons scattered about the urban communities, numerous holding hands and sprawling in the lanes as though some moment, frightful fate had occurred. Individuals were simply lying, unburied, in the lanes of the city. Also, these skeletons are a large number of years old, even by customary archeological models. What could bring about a wonder such as this? Why did the bodies not rot or get eaten by wild creatures? Besides, there is no obvious reason for a physically vicious passing.

These skeletons are among the most radioactive ever found, keeping pace with those at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. At one site, Soviet researchers found a skeleton which had a radioactive level 50 times more prominent than ordinary. Different urban areas have been found in northern India that show signs of blasts of extraordinary size. One such city, found between the Ganges and the mountains of Rajmahal, appears to have been subjected to exceptional warmth. Enormous masses of dividers and establishments of the old city are combined, actually vitrified! Also, since there is no sign of a volcanic ejection at Mohenjo-Daro or at alternate urban communities, the serious warmth to soften earth vessels must be clarified by a nuclear impact or some other obscure weapon. The urban communities were wiped out completely. While the skeletons have been cell based dated to 2500 BC, we should remember that cell based dating includes measuring the measure of radiation left. At the point when nuclear blasts are included, that makes then appear to be much more youthful.

An old, intensely populated city in Pakistan was immediately crushed 2,000 years before Christ by a unimaginable blast that could just been brought about by a nuclear bomb.

That is the psyche hindering determination of a British scientist, David Davenport, who put in 12 years contemplating antiquated Hindu scripts and confirmation at the site where the colossal city – Mohenjo Daro once stood.


After all,


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