Queer 1

Disclaimer: This story is inspired from real life incidents.


“Ira, Can you stop diving into the mobile and help setting the house for one day? I need to get back to work tomorrow.”

“Okay, mom.”

“Ask your sister to help in just arranging the decors and closet. You can handle the furniture.”


“Your father and I have to go out. We’ll be back in few minutes, be careful.”

Ira’s mother and father left hoping they will stay safe in the new residential colony.

Ira was walking around the spacious house.

The spectacular showcase at the entrance, with the spacious hallway splitting into kitchen and the two bedrooms.

The dressing table was left behind by the previous tenants, admiring her beauty in the reflection, she could spot the large round shaped red bindi.

A sudden rush of goosebumps struck her.

“Why do people have such scary weird habits of sticking the used bindis on mirrors?” She wondered.

Very casually she removed the sticker on the mirror and threw it out of the house.

The most interesting and the best part of house is yet to come.

The terrace.

“Are you the new tenants of this house?” yelled a lady’s voice from the neighbouring house.

“Yes” said Ira. “I am..”

Before she could utter anything else the lady left posing a weird look at her.

“Ira, I am bored shall we watch a movie?” Ira’s sister called her.

“Okay, we cannot go out right now, mom and dad might come at any moment, we’ll watch something on Netflix?”


Somehow they managed to set the house in a single day.




“The house owner called today, he asked us not to use the cupboards on the top shelf  in the master bedroom and that the showcase will remain locked with the toys in it. He cannot give us the keys it seems.”  father informed the mother.

“Why can’t he, that was not mentioned before or in the agreement right?” Mother was about to start the argument. Thankfully she was late for work, so both of them left.

Ira and her sister, tried to cook something, but ended up making maggi noodles.

The father came back from the office looking tensed.

“What happened dad?”

“Nothing, Can you call your mother and ask her to come back ASAP?

“Sure.But What happened?”

“I have called the previous tenant regarding the previous electricity tariff for office use.”


She said  ‘Sir, You could have just called us once to verify about the house right?’

“Why, What happened?”

‘That house, Doesn’t have good vibes around it.’

“Like what? “

‘Anyways now you cannot undo anything for the next two months right sir? Good luck sir.’


Ira was excited about the visit of her favorite brother and the nephew in the city. She ignored the conversation that her father told her about.

Abhi her favorite and closest nephew was 2 year old boy. Both the sisters were fond of him.

But this time when they visited them, something strange happened.

The boy was crying each time he entered the master bedroom. And he was quiet as soon as he stepped out of that room.

This was very strange because he never behaved that way.

“Maybe he is not well today” Ira said being optimistic.


But couldn’t resist and asked the father to enquire about the house in the neighbourhood.

He with the help of Ira’s brother enquired in the surrounding.

“How come you have such superstitions in this era?” Kindled the brother.


After 2 hours.

“We have to leave immediately, Ira all of you are staying at my house for today. You cannot live here anymore. Not even for tonight. Especially not on Poornima’s night.” said the brother.

“But why what happened?”

“I’ll explain you everything just stay quiet until we settle everything down.”



After few hours,

“It turns out that the house did not turn out to be a lucky one for any of the previous tenants, I spoke to the lady your dad spoke to. She said that the house does not have any signs of peace. There are weird  sounds that can be heard almost every night. Probably believed to haunted by the wife of the owner who died on the day of housewarming, in the master bedroom. Well, We don’t know how far all these are true. But we can not risk on one point which is..”


“Which is?”


“The Master of the house or any one person staying in the house were either dying or are in critical condition. The lady’s husband somehow wanted to leave the house after one month and met with an accident few months ago, He was in Coma since then, the only live proof. And no tenant lived in that house for more than 2-3 months.”


“Really, Is that really a haunted house brother? I always wanted to explore one.”


“Ira, I know you are curious but you cannot take a risk on this, I will not let you do any stupid stuff. I don’t believe in Supernatural or Spirit stuff. But I went there and I will not let you take any stupid decision. You’ll move to the house in the next lane in a day or two. Dad is already working on that so don’t overthink stuff or plan on any smart stuff, because your smart brother is watching on you.


Go sleep now. Or the Netflix is logged in my laptop you can go and access your account.”  


“Okay. Good night brother.”



                                                                                                           -To Be Continued



November 29, 2016


June 2, 2017