One of the deep, dark, cloudy nights. Beaming light of full moon penetrating among the mist of the clouds.
Ira was determined to explore that house. She planned her sneak-out for the night, with a backpack full of self-defence goodies.
“Torch-light” Check

“Pepper spray” Check

“Spare Torch-light” Check

“Batteries” Check

“Mobile and offline data of maps and emergency safety alarms” Check




Ira filled her back-pack while training her subconscious mind on facing any sought of situation.
Her curiosity ignored her brother’s words.

“Don’t listen to your brother Ira, it will be a lifetime experience just stay calm and let no one notice you” Said her subconscious mind.

“I’m sorry bro, I promise I’ll be back home before you return from your shift.”
All covered in a black hoodie and ankle length pyjamas, her journey towards the house began.
Empty streets, filled with bright street lights, the residences were all as quite as deep oceans.

“In 200m take right and your destination will be on the left” said a robotic voice.
Her heart was pacing equivalent to the engine’s speed, though her face was phlegmatic.

Her step on the ground enveloped darkness across the streets and her mobile screen went blank.
She took a step ahead, loud group of dogs barking approaching her (although audio), made her just jump into the house at once.
Her first target being kitchen, she managed to occupy one corner of the room.
“The milk didn’t boil properly, I think I didn’t follow the actual directions given in the guide book of Induction stove” Her mother said.
That particular incident flashed in Ira’s mind, because her mother taunted about the carelessness of her husband of not being able to arrange proper kitchen equipment a day before, which she related to being a sinistrous sign.
“The milk… X… Hiss…I think….X… Hiss…”
“What’s this? What’s happening here?” She raise on her foot suddenly.
“What’s happening to me? What are these strange sounds?
Aah.. My head, strange I never experienced such headache. I don’t suffer with migraine, sinusitis or any condition for that matter. What is this sudden pinning pain?”
She started to feel dizzy. She walked forth and saw a man talking to another in a space-suit sought of clothing. Somehow she managed to move to the terrace and take some fresh air.
But it was too late, She lost consciousness by then and dozed off on the terrace.
By the time she opened her eyes it was 4.00 AM IST.
“Oh F’K”

“I need to reach home in 20 minutes, bro might return at any moment now”

She drove the car at lightning speed praying to god to reach safely and on time (before brother returns home) “
CAUTION: Overspeeding is dangerous. Please do not cross the speed limit no matter what the situation is.
She managed to reach just moments before her brother reached, silently walked up to her bed covered under the blanket, hoping brother won’t notice anything or get a clue of her sneak-out.
Everything went as planned.
Next day, as soon as her brother left for work she waited for sister in law and Abhi to sleep.
She stepped out of house at 11.45 PM and reached her destination by 12.15 AM IST.
And the incidents repeated, this time she backed herself up with a mask.
She went on to hunt for the two blurred men that she saw the last time.
Something hit her on her back.
She turned back, focused the torch on the obstacle, the space suit guy was there.
“Who are you?” She questioned him.
He ran towards the master bedroom.
She followed him.
The master bedroom was open, And the locked cupboards too.
“Strange these keys will be with house owner. Is this why he didn’t give an access to this cupboard? But what can it be? A treasure?”
She peeped into the roof cupboard to find a dump of wires and old machines.

“Wires and old machines? Weird” She thought.
Focusing the torch on the corners of the room she faced those guys, one guy running away from the kitchen way.
On approaching the guy standing there, She pulled his suit.
“Brother!!? What ??? What are you doing here? And who was that guy?? ”


-To be continued


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