Focusing the torch on the corners of the room she faced those guys, one guy running away from the kitchen way.


On approaching the guy standing there, She pulled his suit.


“Brother!!? What ??? What are you doing here? And who was that guy?? “


She couldn’t see through the intense murk filling the space.

Someone pulled her out of the room and blindfolded her.


“What the hell is happening here? Brother?? Help!!”


“Ira, Stay calm and go home. You are too young to understand some things.”


“Understand what? Are you trying to some voodoo stuff here?”




“Please remove the blindfold first. What sense does this make after I clearly saw you?”


“Okay. I promise I’ll explain everything to you. But only if you promise to stay calm and would not talk in between.”


“I promise.”


“That guy you saw just now is right behind you. And he is my childhood friend Abhimanyu.”


“Oh hello Abhimanyu, I am… “


“Ira, don’t interrupt. He is a theoretical physicist and he came here all the way from Massachusetts to work on a project.”


“Project what? In a haunted house? Or about it?”


“Tum koi bhi baat sune se pehle kyun bak-bak karti ho?” (Why do have to talk so much even before I complete a sentence.)


“Okay. Continue, sorry.”


“So where was I? Yeah, his project work.

He is trying to work on a subject called ‘MULTIVERSE CONDITION’”


“What’s that?”


“Uff. It’s a theoretical phenomenon where a hypothetical set of parallel universes exist, including the one that we live in. They might have of space, time, matter, energy, and the physical laws and constants that describe them.”


“Oh wait, Is it the one that Stephen Hawking said in one of his public talks? I mean he replied a girl who asked about a musical band’s split.”


“Yes, Something like that.”


“How is that being proven here? In this haunted house?”


“This is not a haunted house. We created it to be so.”




“Yes, we created it to be so because we couldn’t find any better place for the experiment.

This house has the perfect signatures of cold spots and hot spots required for the cosmic background study.


We are trying to develop a device that lets us see through those cosmic layers into to the other side of the background.


In this process, due to the heavy usage electricity by us. There have been strong fluctuations in power supply in this area.


People have a psychological tendency to portray everything in a negative perspective first, which was an advantage for us to keep people out of this place and carry out our experiments peacefully. Unfortunately, you guys didn’t enquire about this place and shifted here. So Abhimanyu and I had to plan something to save the place for us.


And ya this is Abhimanyu’s place. He and his father had a small conflict. So his father decided to sell this place.”


“It’s weird. But I don’t care about this place anymore.

I didn’t understand the concept well. Can you explain it to me clearly.?”


“Sure. But you are too young dear. Well okay, you are not too young.

I’ll explain it to you with clear documentation. Once you are done with your exams.



“Deal done.”


“Okay. Now go home safely. Don’t roam around.I’ll call your sister in law right after 20 minutes and I want you to reach home by then.”


“Arghh… Fine. You are over protective. You know that right.?”


“Thank you. Now leave.”

“Okay. Bye.!” 


June 2, 2017