Recondite Shanta

Here is a tiny tale based on a true incident that transpired in the history.

Ayodhya, the renowned city considered to be a holy place, was once ruled by Maharaj Dasharath. He was known for his good deeds and persistently known as the father of  Lord Ram. He had three wives. Kausalya devi was the first one.

Well, a detailed foreword would not be required about the proclaimed characters of Ramayan.

This tale is about the most off-beat character of Ramayan.

The Ayodhya palace was filled with the joy. Public was rejoicing on the arrival of princess.

“She is so adorable, give her to me I’ll raise her.” said Vershini devi in a jest.

“Sure” said Raja Dasharath, failing to comprehend the hoax in it.

Vershini devi was the elder sister of Kausalya devi , who was married to Raja Rompad, the king of Angadesh. The couple were not blessed with off-springs.

Raja Rompad and Vershini devi adopted “Shanta” the daughter of Raja Dasharath and Kausalya devi. Technically the elder sister of Lord Ram.

Shanta devi was a lettered lady in Vedas, Art and Craft, and was considered to be very elegant.She was married to Shringa Rishi who had rescued Angadesh from drought condition.


Even today there is a temple of Rishyashringa and Shanta devi in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It is about 50 km away from kullu.

” A short and concealed part of Ramayan”

I hope this fact amused you , as much as it amused me.

Keep watching this space for more.


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